Barking Mad Trick Awards

Teaching your dog tricks is an excellent method for enhancing your bond while also keeping your pet mentally and physically engaged.

Our program consists of seven BMTA levels that you can begin at any time. Once enrolled, you may complete the award at your own pace without incurring any additional fees.

No prior training is required, as our levels are designed to help you progress smoothly through each stage. We also offer additional free support through our Facebook group, should you require it.

Our program is founded on ethical training methods that prioritize force-free techniques. Therefore, all tricks must be taught using ethical and humane approaches.

Online Trick Awards

How it Works

To enroll, please reach out to us, and we’ll forward a list of tricks you need to master for your selected level. You may train your dog at your convenience and pace. Moreover, we offer free support through our Facebook group should you require assistance.

After perfecting the tricks, record them, and send us the footage via email or Facebook. We will review the videos and if deemed satisfactory, we’ll present you with a BMTA certificate and a rosette to celebrate your achievement.

Each award level costs £19.99, and support is provided by our two trainers: Heather, a certified force-free trick trainer, and Rhian, a certified trick dog instructor.