What is Hoopers?

Hoopers is a fun, fast, low-impact sport made up of flowing courses of low impact obstacles which helps protect the long term well-being of the dog.

What makes this dog sport amazing is how inclusive it is, made to be accessible to all dogs and handlers. So no matter the age of the dog, the size, or whether they are reactive or just need a bit more space, Hoopers is available for all to take part.

Teaching Methods

There are a lot of buzz words around dog training at the moment such as force free, reward based and positive reinforcement to name a few.

We promise that all the training methods we use are safe, science based and non aversive.

Treats and toys are used to encourage your dog to learn and we will never force your dog to do something they are uncomfortable with.

Learning is done at your dog’s pace.

Classes take place in a covered horse school arena so the flooring is suitable and safe for dogs to run on and we can train without getting wet and with lighting in the winter.

Barking Mad Hoopers Awards

To teach you and your dog the sport of canine hoopers, we have devised our own fun and achievable awards.

During classes we will instruct you through each part of the level you are working towards and once you have completed it, you will be awarded with a certificate and rosette to mark your fantastic achievements.

There are lots of exciting levels to work through, from complete beginner to competition levels making these awards accessible to all.

The teaching, assessment and Barking Mad Hoopers award are all included in our class price of £65 for 6 weeks.

So if you and your dog are looking for something new to try out get in touch to book your place.

We are very lucky at Barking Mad Dog Services to be able to say we are instructors and members of the three biggest canine hoopers organisations in the UK.

As well as amazing support, it also means we are able to assess awards offered by these organisations.

They are an optional extra but another enjoyable way of progressing through your hoopers journey.

Awards from these organisations are £15 each, this includes the assessment and award.