Heather, along with her family, shares their home with three lovely dogs: Lupa, a Malinois, Zulu, a Malinois x Chihuahua, and Falkor, a Miniature American Shepherd. Over the years, Heather has competed in obedience and agility, but when Lupa suffered a shoulder injury during an agility session, they had to stop training.

Despite the setback, Lupa wanted to continue working, and after some searching, Heather discovered the sport of hoopers, which turned out to be the perfect low-impact activity for Lupa. Heather’s interest in hoopers grew into a passion for teaching and sharing the sport with other owners. In November 2018, she became an accredited hoopers instructor.

Team Heather and Lupa had an incredible year competing in UK Hoopers shows, and they are proud winners of the 2021 Novice Championship. With Heather’s dedication to the sport and Lupa’s eagerness to work, it’s clear that they make an unstoppable team.


  • First Diploma Animal Care
  • Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor
  • Force Free Trick Trainer
  • First aid
  • Canine Hoopers World Instructor


  • Kennel assistant
  • Grooming assistant
  • Agility competitions
  • Obedience competitions
  • Hoopers competitions


  • IMDT – Career as a dog trainer
  • IMDT – 4 day practical instructor course
  • School of Canine Science – 30 days of canine science
  • School of Canine Science – Scent for six
  • Practical training skills – Kay Laurence
  • The international dog trainers winter summit 2020
  • IGP Training Workshop – Alex Lato