Puppy Training

So, you brought home a puppy. Now what?

How do you get your newest four legged family member to be the best and most well behaved family pet?

The easiest and most effective way is to get help from professional trainers.

This is where the Barking Mad Puppy Course can help.

In person classes

Each in person lesson will be taught by qualified trainers.

Puppies can join classes as soon as they have the all clear from your vet to mix with other dogs, and is best suited for puppies up to 6 months old.

Your puppy will learn important life lessons such as:

  • loose lead walking
  • recall
  • handling
  • greeting people
  • settling
  • toy play
  • resource guarding
  • toilet training

Here at Barking Mad Dog Services we put the fun into training, making raising a puppy enjoyable for the whole family.

Our puppy courses are 5 weeks long for the class training but you also get access to our Barking Mad Training Facebook group where you will find training videos, hand outs, eBooks and much more. When you and your puppy begin your training journey with us, you will also receive a training pack to start you in the right direction and when you have completed the course you will be awarded with a certificate and rosette for you to show off to all your friends.

Recently we have had an influx of new puppy parents who have been struggling with puppy behaviours like jumping, biting and toileting and feeling like they have nowhere to turn for help. Within a few weeks our courses have helped turn things around for a happy family life and this is what we want for you and every puppy parent.